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Kottonmouth Kings Don't Stand For A Gang

Name: Kelli
Birthday:January 11, 1988
Location:Omaha, Nebraska
Sexuatlity: Bi
Meaning of your LJ user name:I'm usually called Ice Brat, and Achika is one of my favorite words. Just mix them and you got Iced Achika

☆Likes and Dislikes☆
Turn Ons - Goth boys, stoner boys, Vyper, tattoos, piercings
Turn Offs - Halo 2
Favorite band(s) other than the Kings - Sugarcult, Westlife(don't ask), Dashboard Confessionals, Dresden Dolls
Least favorite band(s) - Modest Mouse, Francis Ferdinand
The song you can't get enough of - KMK - too many to list, Non-KMK - Drops of Jupiter by Train
The song that is completly over played - Don't know the name of it, but it's by one of the least favorite bands
Favorite movies - King Arthur, National Treasure
Favorite colour - pink, black
Favorite food - Hawaiian Pizza
Favorite outfit (picture if possible) - black long-sleeved shirt with flames, baggy black pants leg pockets
Favorite activity - writing,
Who's your favorite King: D-Loc (all I can say is *yummy*)
Favorite Lyric: "Oh, Ah, Achika", "Salu-mutherfuckin-tations", "I know you're real high when you hear my voice", "I'm Roll-i-i-n, but I'm under control."
How long you been down: probably six months

☆Opinions On☆
Suicide - totally against it. I think it's selfish and the majority of the time the problems can be fixed.
War - sometimes it can be neccessary, but it shouldn't EVER be the first option.
Racism - Never EVER right.
Censorship - Like war, it's sometimes neccessary, but don't censor everything cause one person MIGHT find it offensive. Read Farenheit 451 and see where America's headed.
Life - It can suck, and it can be fun. It's all what you make of it.
Drugs - Weed's alright, alcohol is alright. Any other drug should probably stay illegal
Porn - I guess it works if you can't get somethin' real. And hey, makin' your own can't be that bad.
Plastic surgery - Why can't you be happy with yourself the way you are? I guess there are situations where it's acceptable. But if you're getting a boob job because you don't have as big of boobs as the girl next door, that's a bunch of crap.
Yourself - I don't know my opinion on myself. I just preached about not being happy with yourself. I'm hypocritical, but everybody is. Somedays I like myself, other days I don't.

What do you hold close to you and why- My friends, because I'd be so lost without them. Hell, I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have those few close friends that have always been there for me. (And Halo Kitty, because it was given to me by my friend whose a foreign exchange student from Japan.
What do you think of Barbie- She's a doll. A toy I used to play with when I was little.
What would you define your self as- A paradox or a hypocrite.
What is your biggest fear-There's a few. Falling is one. There's the needles thing, but yet I can give blood and want a tattoo someday. Large crowds, but I was fine at a concert. My biggest is definitely being alone. It's not physical either. It's not knowing whether or not somebody cares. It's why I always want a boyfriend, cause it's a false security.
Who do you look up to- In some twisted way, my ex-boyfriend. He was a jerk, but he knew how to have fun and he lived so freely. He had KMK philosophies, and I loved how he lived. I don't talk to him and he screwed me over. But it's what he taught me while we were dating.
Where did you hear of this- Interest search for Kottonmouth Kings.
Promote us and send me the link-
Photos (It's easier, and none of them are really my best either.)
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