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Kottonmouth Kings Don't Stand For A Gang

Name: Angel (most call me Vyper)
Age: 18
Birthday: Halloween 1986
Location: Omaha, NE
Sexuatlity: Bi (I think you know my ex)
Meaning of your LJ user name: jaysqueen, meaning I'm Josh's queen.

Likes and Dislikes
Turn Ons - piercings, dicks, boobs, pussy, weed
Turn Offs - open-book theory (I like mystery guys)
Favorite band(s) other than the Kings - Humble Gods
Least favorite band(s) - Nelson
The song you can't get enough of -
The song that is completly over played -
Favorite movies - Any Jenna Jameson movie
Favorite colour - blue
Favorite food - steak
Favorite outfit (picture if possible) - black leather catsuit
Favorite activity - dance, sex
Who's your favorite King: Taxman
Favorite Lyric: "I wanna lick ya, stick ya, ride ya like my motorbike."
How long you been down: four years

Opinions On
Suicide - It's stupid. But if you think your life is that bad, than just do it already.
War - Pointless for the most part. Just a two leaders throwing their weight around
Racism - Most -isms are fucked up.
Censorship - Most things shouldn't be censored, but that doesn't mean I want my three-year-old watching people fuck on tv.
Life - It's one hell of a wild ride.
Drugs - Weed and X are my favorites. Not much good for the others.
Porn - I can't say much here. I don't have a problem with it.
Plastic surgery - I can't say much. I'm going in for it in a couple of years to get smaller boobs.
Yourself - I'm fuckin' hot, what can I say?

What do you hold close to you and why- My car because it was the last thing my mother gave me before she died.
What do you think of Barbie- I think she's a doll.
What would you define your self as- What do you mean define myself as? As in what stereotype I fit into the best? Or is this another "what do you think of yourself?" question?"
What is your biggest fear- Losing anymore of my family members
Who do you look up to- Almost anybody in my family, including my fiance. They all have things that inspire me.
Where did you hear of this- icedachika
Promote us and send me the link- http://www.livejournal.com/users/insane_innocent/25016.html?view=19896
Photos- I don't have any on here.
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