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Kottonmouth King's don't stand for a gang!

Name: Liz
Age: 16
Birthday: 10/05/1988
Location: Royal Oak, MI
Sexuatlity: Uhmm.. Does that mean am I a chick or a guy? Well.. I'm a chick.
Meaning of your LJ user name: I have no idea I was sittin with my mom one day and we were stoned outta our minds just think of random words and I said noxtricious, and I've liked that word ever since ^__^

☆Likes and Dislikes☆
Turn Ons - Piercings, being taller than me, colored hair, green eyes, sense of humor.
Turn Offs - Creeps, users.. Thats about it. lol
Favorite band(s) other than the Kings - MSI, Marilyn Manson, Tech n9ne, All of Psychopathic, The postal service, Chronic future, Scissor sisters..
Least favorite band(s) - Ashlee simpson, good charlotte, simple plan, etc.
The song you can't get enough of - "Round & Round"- KMK, or "Prom Queen"- ICP
The song that is completly over played - Prom Queen
Favorite movies - Party monster, Spun, Harold & Kumar go to white castle, Napoleon Dynamite, Girl interupted
Favorite colour - Purple ^__^
Favorite food - Pizza!
Favorite outfit (picture if possible) - My short blue checkered dress from this awesome punk store, my platform boots from london, my fishnet tights, and my hatchetman :wink wink:
Favorite activity - being on the computer!
Who's your favorite King: Daddy X
Favorite Lyric: "Smoke all day, everyday"
How long you been down: 4-5 years

☆Opinions On☆
Suicide - I've thought about it.. But now it comes to me that it's just the pussy way out.
War - Stupid.. And uncalled for. That's why we have a thing called "talking about our problems" lol
Racism - DUMB DUMB DUMB I love everyone, wether they're white, black, or yellow! People need to shut the fuck up and get over the fact that not everyone is like them!
Censorship - ehhh.. I guess it depends on what it is.
Life - Annoying, but it can be pretty good.
Drugs - ..Other than Mary Jane. It's fucking WHACK! lol .. I don't feel the need to ruin my life.
Porn - What ever floats your boat!
Plastic surgery - ame as above^
Yourself - WIERDO!

What do you hold close to you and why- My kitty-kat Sassamoe. She's my baby! I could never loose her!
What do you think of Barbie- SHES THE BITCH THAT HAS EVERYTHING! Like the t-shirt says, haha.
What would you define your self as- Uhmm... A freak.
What is your biggest fear- Spiders... =[
Who do you look up to- Violent J, of the Insane Clown Posse.. Pure genious
Where did you hear of this- I think it was the community, Wicked_circus.
Promote us and send me the link- k the pic aint workin i gotta fix it

(3 or more picture and if possible 1 body shot)





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