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Name: Alexandra Marie Lynn.
Age: 15
Birthday: may 27th
Location: woodland hills, california
Sexuatlity:  i like dick.
Meaning of your LJ user name: song and i like 77
☆Likes and Dislikes☆
Turn Ons - tattoos, bleached hair, shaved hair, i dont really know.. hah.
Turn Offs - gross people.
Favorite band(s) other than the Kings -  Bone Thugz <3
Least favorite band(s) - yellowcard
The song you can't get enough of -  pimp twist.
The song that is completly over played -  uhuh icp - what is a juggalo.
Favorite movies - american history x, romer stomper, detroit rock city
Favorite colour -  yellow
Favorite food -    hot pockets!!
Favorite outfit (picture if possible) - i dont really have one..
Favorite activity - chillin, drinkin, gettin hiiigh, and shows?
Who's your favorite King: D-LOC <3
Favorite Lyric:
How long you been down: fooooorever.
☆Opinions On☆
Suicide -  Ive known way to many homies that left that way and its fucking horrible you might be misserable at the moment but shit will always get better and thats no way to solve it.
War - make love <3 not war. haha. No but really war is stupid killing inoccent people for the sake of your country.
Racism - Fuck that bullshit. EQUALITY <3
Censorship -  hahaha its funny
Life -  its seriously joke. Its like one big game you cant win no matter how hard you try.
Drugs - i heart drugs.
Porn -  haha porn is so fun to watch when intoxicated hahah
Plastic surgery -  makes you look good.
Yourself -  im awesome and what ?
What do you hold close to you and why- My friends because they are my life
What do you think of Barbie - bitch got everything.
What would you define your self as- Awesome ;-)
What is your biggest fear- dying a really shitty way like HIV or rape or something.
Who do you look up to- nobody really
Where did you hear of this- i dont know i forgot
Promote us and send me the link- if im accepted.
(3 or more picture and if possible 1 body shot)

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your so beautiful!~
accepted sorry it took so long