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Name: roxy
Age: 15
Birthday: july 27th
Sexuatlity: have no clue
Meaning of your LJ user name: ummm, it means eat your heart out. you know. lol. its pretty!
☆Likes and Dislikes☆
Turn Ons - shoes, hair, eyes, smile, piercings, hawt. lol
Turn Offs - ewww, being grungy. && actind dumb when your high.
Favorite band(s) other than the Kings - Bob Dylan, Bob Marely, Atreyu, FFTL, Senses Fail, Taking Back Sunday, The Used....
Least favorite band(s) - Avril, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, eww. Should i go on?
The song you can't get enough of - right now...its umm, any kmk. or BOB DYLAN. but im always playing bob marley.
The song that is completly over played - icky gangster black rapper guys who arent sexy btw!
Favorite movies - Half-baked, Bongwater, Cheech & Chong movies, i like chick flicks but i cant remember any of the titles
Favorite colour - turquoise & green
Favorite food - taco burger from UTROS!
Favorite outfit (picture if possible) - black and white checkard vans with turquoise laces, tank top, black hooded pullover, skin belt, :] or like surfer brand shirts.
Favorite activity - smoking. :]
Who's your favorite King: D-LOC! & i love them all shit
Favorite Lyric: Mary Jane is who I'm dreamin' of the one I adore and the one I love. The beautiful lady, she's so so sweet, my forever lasting love that I always wanna meet. :]
How long you been down: 3 years, i wish more.
☆Opinions On☆
Suicide - is sad. & i know someone who died recetly from it.
War - is dumb.
Racism - no comment
Censorship - ummm,
Life - I think life is about getting high. Cause, God put weed on this earth for everyone to get along and stuff. but that is just my opinion
Drugs - i stick to weed thank you.
& shrooms everyonce in a while. I have tried others but i will NEVER again.
Porn - is hot
Plastic surgery - well, if people wanna change go ahead. i could care less.
Yourself - i love myself.
What do you hold close to you and why-
What do you think of Barbie- i think she is a made up idol trying to make little girls feel better about themselfs. whitch i dunno how that works cause no one can have a perfect waist perfect boobs blah.
What would you define your self as- ROXY
What is your biggest fear- death & spiders. dont ask.
Who do you look up to- my brother.
Where did you hear of this- i was lookin for kmk fans

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
rawr. i'm not photogenic.
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